Finding and curating rad crafts on this internet.
  • An Interlude

    Hello all,

    Thank you so much for subscribing to my Virtual Museum.  I am going to be taking a short break from curating gorgeous crafts I find online.  I hope you continue to explore and be inspired.  For those of you wondering where I usually mine for content, in case you want to go exploring yourself, my favorites are:

    Happy Crafting,


  • Felt Fortune Cookies, Jodie from etsy shop “lovahandmade”

  • Crocheted Cocktails, Priscilla from etsy shop “youcute”

  • Thank-You Card, Margaret from etsy shop “RainyDayColors”

  • Egg Pincushion, etsy seller “JLilyHandmade”

  • Crystal Ring, Sunyata from etsy shop “ElementalAlchemist”

  • Cupcakes, etsy user “lisajhoney”

  • Crocheted Flower Pot, Kristen from “SnowFallStudio”

  • Embroidered Feather, Sarah from etsy shop “yinsteadofi”